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Miniature Cameras

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The Aries Saturn Box operates all Aries mainline inspection equipment and lateral inspection systems. Controls are built into the unit for ultimate protection from the elements and ease-of-use.

  • Features
    • Joystick control
    •  Automatic footage capture
    • Non-glare, 9” color TV monitor with 3” internal speaker and controls
    •  Video recorder and audio jack
    •  Microphone jack
    • VD-1000 video data display and report writer system with alphanumeric, full “QWERTY” keyboard for video titling and report data input
    •  LCD readout for monitoring and troubleshooting
    •  Transportation case measures 23”w x 21”h x 20”d
    • >> Power source: 120V, 60Hz
    • >> Operates on all Aries multi-conductor cameras on cable
    • lengths up to 2000’, or push cameras up to 400’
    •  SCU powers all Aries light styles for inspecting lines
    • 3” through 60” diameter
Pipeline & Sewer Cameras

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