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Regenerative Air Sweeper

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Power and Performance Packaged For The City

The Johnston RS range offers performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership very effectively. The RS series offers outstanding vacuum performance using their standard mechanical step up gear box and fluid coupling.  This regenerative air vacuum sweeper provides the best power to fan speed ratio in the industry.

Their large forward facing digger brooms lift dirt and debris from the curb side and the operator can adjust the speed of the brooms to suit the environment being swept. With the optional rotatilt, the operator can adjust the angle of the broom for deeper curbline cleaning.

Johnstons unique air knife sweeping design drives dust, debris and litter into the 90° wide full width sweeping hood. An in cab controlled vacuum exhaust gate provides the operator with the ability to sweep large litter and bulky items without leaving the driving seat.  

The RS655 has a class leading 8.5 cubic yard stainless steel hopper complete with an access doors either side with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Features
    • Efficient Single Engine Design
    • Longer On-Station Work Time
    • Data Capture Monitors Sweeping Operations
    • In-Cab Controls
    • More Robust Sweepgear
    • Quiet Hopper Tipping Operation
    • Operational Performance
    • Productivity
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