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Pure Air Sweeper

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Power For The Heavy Urban Environment

Power For The Heavy Urban Environment

Equally at home on municipal street cleaning or extreme heavy duty work sites, the VS650 CNG consistently delivers high pick-up performance – even on contractor duties such as road planing and dirt pick-up around construction sites and access roads.

CNG - A Greener Bottom Line

Lower alternative fuel costs and lower incremental maintenance costs can save valuable dollars. Maintenance-free exhaust systems and lower life-cycle costs help green-up your bottom line. Government incentives and Infrastructure Tax Credits may be available to green fleets that can help reduce acquisition costs significantly.

Stainless Steel In My Body!

With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant  stainless steel body, Johnston's V range is robustly built for unrivaled durability. Johnston is the only sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard, "Complete Hopper Constructed of Stainless Steel" and an industry-leading warranty.

Hydro-static Drive

The single engined V range utilizes Johnston's hydrodrive gearbox which provides infinitely variable forward speed control and hydrodynamic braking. The operator can perfectly match the speed to the operation.

Dual or Single Sweep

Available in dual- or single-sweep configuration, the maximum 11.8-feet swept path ensures superb coverage per hour – and with high capacity hopper, water systems and fuel tanks, the V range designed to stay at work longer.