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Pure Air Sweeper

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The VT801 Johnston street sweeper offers all the leading innovations as the VT651, but with greater hopper and water capacities so you can stay on the job longer.  Equally at home on municipal cleaning tasks, or heavier duty contractor work sites, the VT801 delivers consistently high pick-up performance that exceeds the competition.

Available in dual or single sweep configuration, the maximum 12 foot swept path ensures superb coverage per hour – and with a high capacity hopper, water systems and fuel tanks, this unit is designed to increase your bottem line.  

As standard Johnston offers their unique CANbus system for constantly monitoring the unit and providing daily checks of performance. They are the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on their stainless steel hopper and water tanks. The V Series provides an optional overhead boom for cleaning catch basins that is easy to manuever around the truck with ease. Johnston is leading their class with the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact, and low cost of ownership

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  • Features
    • Fuel Efficient JCB Power Packs
    • Longer On-Station Work Time
    • Data Capture Monitors Sweeping Operations
    • In-Cab Controls
    • More Robust Sweepgear
    • Quiet Hopper Tipping Operation
    • Operational Performance
    • Productivity