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OJK Vertical

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The OJK-V is capable of heating, melting, and applying all grades of rubberized asphalt crack sealer, joint sealants, and waterproofing compounds without the need for additional equipment.The Super Shot is capable of heating sealing material from ambient temperature to application temperature in 60 minutes or less.

  • Models



  • Design
    • LP or Diesel Burner System
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Vertical Agitator
    • Gravity Discharge
    • Center Heat Riser
  • Options
    • Pumping System
    • Heated Overhead Boom
    • "Exact Flow" Wand Control
    • Air Compressor
    • Overnight Heat
    • Agitator Shut Down
    • Heated Hose
    • Strobe light
    • "Pump Saver" On Demand Pumping System
    • Overnight Heaters
    • Auto Loaders