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SGS Flue Fired

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Stepp SGS Flue Fired Kettles are designed to heat and apply various bitumen’s (AC’s and MC’s) and emulsions for crack filling, spray tacking, and seal coating. Equipped with choice of propane or diesel heating

  • Models





  • Design
    • Flue Fired for High Temp Materials
    • Low Profile
    • Heavy Duty Construction 
  • Options
    • 6' or 8' spray bars
    • Heated spray hoses and wands
    • Overnight heaters
    • Material Loading Hoists
    • Safety Loading Chute
    • Traffic Arrow Board, Lighting, Brakes, Hitches, Fire Extinguisher
    • Detailed specifications available upon request.
    • Automatic Temperature Controls
    • LP Gas or Diesel Burners
    • Hydraulic Powered Submerged Pumping System

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