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SMT Mini Tank

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Stepp SMT Mini tank is used for distributing tack oil or emulsion materials. Base unit includes burner system, roll over protection, ladder, electric brakes and gravity drain.The Stepp SMT Mini Tank is the perfect blend of performance and economy for your asphalt spraying maintenance needs and budget. Performance, Durability, and Versatility that's what puts us a "Stepp" above the rest.

  • Models






  • Design
    • Round Tank with Rollover Protection
    • 20" Sealed Manway
    • LP Gas or Diesel Burner
    • Heavy Duty Trailer
    • Insulated Tank
    • Saddle Mounted Tank
  • Options
    • 6' or 8'spray bars
    • Hand Spray Wand
    • Electric or Hydraulic Agitator
    • Overnight heaters
    • Agitation
    • Traffic Arrow Board, Lighting
    • Hydraulic Powered Pumping System

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