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SPH-OJ Hot Box

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The Stepp Manufacturing Asphalt Hot Box SPH Gravity Discharge trailer mounted hot box.The SPH Asphalt Hot Box / Reclaimer is the perfect piece of Asphalt Equipment for your asphalt repair needs. Stepp MFG Hot Box design incorperates performance, durability and versatility for your pothole patching needs and budget.

  • Models




  • Design
    • Hydraulic Top Doors
    • Auger Discharge
    • Oil Jacketed Design to Eliminate Hot Spots .Works well with both Hot & Cold mix
    • Digital electronic thermostats for precise temperature control, safety, and easy to operate
    • Folding shovel platform to dispense material directly on the roadway
  • Options
    • Electric overnight heaters are available to reduce start-up time
    • Heated Tack Tank, Pumping System, Heated wand
    • Shovel Cleaning Compartment
    • Tool Holders
    • Tool Box,
    • Brake packages
    • Lighting packages
    • Safety Lighting, Arrow Board
    • Engine Enclosure
    • Kubota Diesel Engine
    • Hyd Compactor Plate Carrier