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Water Trucks | Street Flusher

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The Stepp SSF Street Flusher is the ultimate water truck offering an hydraulically driven 750 GPM pumping system engineered to meet the most challenging applications. This unit comes standard with either 2,000 or 3,000 gallon water tanks with larger configurations available upon request. Four adjustable 150 GPM ea. duck bill style nozzles are standard and strategically mounted around the truck to insure sufficant coverage of the work area. Additional nozzles are available per customers request. Stepp also offers an optional high output water cannon mounted on the front of the unit with controls for multiple spray patterns and directional output. All joysticks are mounted in the cab for easy access, and use the latest CANbus technology for all functionalities. For cold weather applications, the SSF comes standard with a heated cabinet and reciruclating system to insure freeze ups are not and issue. Whether it is flushing your streets, flooding your ice rinks, pre wetting for sweeping or flushing man ways and catch basins.

  • Models
    • SSF 2000
    • SFF 3000
  • Features
    • Available in 2000 and 3000 Gallon Steel Or 304L Stainless Steel
    • Hydraulic Driven 750 GPM Gould’s Pump With Recirculating Manifold
    • Heat Stick Recirculation or Heated Cabinet for Cold Weather reliability
    • Steel or Stainless Steel Nozzle Plumbing Under Truck
    • Front, Mid-ship and Rear Duck bill Nozzles
    • Rear Spray Bar
    • Rear or Front Equipment Fill
    • Anti-Siphon Fill Mounted Internally
    • Anti-Cavitatiation Sump
    • Vertical Pump for complete draining of Tank without Service petcock
    • Front Mounted Water Cannon with Joystick Control
    • The Stepp Autowater Pump Control-Can bus Controller with TFT Color LCD Display
    • In Cab Controls with Fill Gauge, Lighting Controls, and Pump Controls
  • Options
    • Garden Hose Adapter- Pressurized
    • Hose Reel
    • 304L Stainless Tank
    • Stainless Plumbing
    • Additional Plumbing Nozzles
    • Duckbill Nozzles
    • Sprinkler Can
    • Sprinkler Bar- Pressurized
    • Water Canon with Joy Stick
    • Front Equipment Fill
    • Aluminum Fenders
    • Heated Cabinet- Stainless Steel
    • Strobe Light
    • Whelen Super LED Light Package
    • Pro-Tech Tool Box
    • Pro-Tech Stainless Steel Tool Box
    • Arrowboard
    • Work Lights