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STPH Patch Truck

STPH Patch Truck main image

The Stepp STPH Patch truck bodies have Triple wall construction, inner hopper constructed of 10 gauge material. Oil jacketed chamber to be constructed of 12 gauge material insulated with 2" of 1½# density hi-temperature fiberglass insulation. The heat risers are designed into the hopper to help evenly distribute heat into the center of material. Insulation cover to be 16 gauge. Mounted to the truck chassis with a spring loaded slip saddle mount.

  • Models

    STPH 4.0 CY (5.4 Tons)

    STPH 5.0 CY (6.7 Tons)

    STPH 6.0 CY (8 Tons)

    STPH 7.0 CY (9.45 Tons)

  • Design
    • Triple Wall Construction / Oil Jacketed heat for even heat
    • Top Loading Hydraulic Doors Controlled from rear.Doors shall fully open and rest against hopper sides.
    • Triple Wall Construction
    • Oil Jacketed Heating System
    • Top Loading Doors Controlled from rear
    • Auger Delivery
    • Beckett Diesel Burners
    • Auto Temp Controls
    • Full Opening 270 Degree Top Doors
    • Load Sencing Hyd System
    • Center Heated Baffle
  • Options
    • 80 Gallon Tack Tank
    • Tack Tank with Pumping System
    • Overnight Heat
    • Spoils Bin
    • Wash Down System
    • Lighting packages
    • Saftey Lighting
    • Arrow Board
    • Tool holders
    • Hydraulic Jack Hammer
    • Hydraulic Plate Compactor Carrier
    • Shovel Cleaning Compartment
    • Wash Down System
    • Anti- Bridging Breaker
    • Trailer Mounted