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Self Cleaning Pan & Tilt Camera

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High-technology electronics acquire quality images in harsh conditions

Aries offers a range of maintenance-free cameras to meet your specific needs. Models with the industry’s first self-cleaning lens provide more time in the pipe for high productivity.

Mainline Cameras for Accurate Assessments

Compact Lateral Cameras for Tight Spaces

PE3410 and PE3510 Mainline Camera
The Wipercam Pan & Tilt camera ensures more time in the pipe with its maintenance-free, field-replaceable wipers. Accurate assessments are easy with its 300° viewing angle and ultra light-sensitivity. For 6-inch or larger pipes.

PE2620 Mainline Camera
The Illumi-Zoom Pan & Tilt camera provides precise camera head positioning with a 285° viewing angle. High intensity LED light and 40X zoom captures images in 6-inch and larger pipes.

PE3600 Lateral Camera
The Mini Pan & Tilt camera features field-replaceable wipers that clean the lens and lights. “Smart Upright Home” circuitry and steering probes provide superior navigation in 3-inch or larger service laterals.

ST930 Mainline and Lateral Camera
A stainless steel housing and replaceable sapphire view port make this micro push camera ideal for rugged use in 3-inch or larger pipes. It can maneuver over difficult offset joints and negotiate 90° bends and tees.

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