Rear Loader

With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, New Way rear loader refuse trucks are designed to provide industry-leading trash compaction, durability, and productivity.

  • Contractors Prefer the Cobra For Its Full-Sized Compaction In A Lightweight Body

    The New Way® Cobra Rear Loader is the contractor's choice, striking the perfect balance between outstanding compaction and a lightweight 20 yd³ body. With a compaction rate of up to 1,000 lbs per yd³, the Cobra will do everything that any mid-size garbage truck will do. Add in the Cobra's large 3 yd³ hopper available in 9 to 25 yd³ capacities on a single axle chassis, externally mounted cylinders for easy maintenance, operating valve on the outside of the hopper, automatic tailgate locks with outside lever controls, high-compaction body and a variety of container handling options for steel and plastic carts, and you'll understand why the Cobra dominates the industry.

    The design of this heavy-duty refuse truck resets the bar for function and fit. The New Way® Cobra HC™ boasts the compaction and speed of its bigger brothers (Cobra Magnum® and the King Cobra™)but features a lightweight body with an overall lower profile—perfect for height-restricted routes. The Cobra HC™ rear loader truck hits the industry with a powerful 1,000 lbs lbs. per yd³ compaction rate, 15,000-pound body weight (standard 25-yard model), and 21–23 second cycle times. Full production of the Cobra HC garbage truck (25-cubic-yard model) began in early 2020, with the 20- and 27-cubic-yard models starting later in the year. The Cobra High Compaction™ comes in 20-, 25-, and 27-cubic yard models.
  • A Big Body With The Best Features, And DOT Compliant

    The New Way® Cobra Magnum® Rear Loader offers the ultra-high compaction of the King Cobra, but with a body weight lighter than the competition. The biggest body in New Way’s rear loader lineup, the Cobra Magnum® is designed to comply with DOT weight regulations and offers the easiest operational features available in today's market. Operators have convenient access to curbside hydraulic controls on this impressive rear loader that will easily compact approximately 1,000+ lbs per yd³. Add in a huge 3.55 yd³ hopper and a striking 21-23 second cycle time, and the Cobra Magnum® delivers the perfect size garbage truck with the bite to crush anything you throw its way.

    The New Way® Diamondback™ Rear Loader refuse truck's quality in workmanship and raw materials differentiate it from the competition. This compact, low-profile garbage truck with a low load-sill threshold has a compaction rate of approximately 800 lb. per yd³ on the standard unit and up to approximately 1,000 lbs per yd³ on the HC Model. When searching for quality, affordability and maneuverability to service residential and park routes, the Diamondback refuse truck is the answer. It is available in 6 or 8 yd³ capacities, and is adaptable to all residential cart tippers. The Diamondback is lethal to the competition as it comes fully equipped with a range of standard features that are merely options on most other units, including a rear-vision camera and two-year cylinder warranty.
  • Industry Leading Compaction

    The design of this heavy-duty refuse truck sets the bar, putting it at the top of the industry's food chain. The New Way® King Cobra Rear Loader is the unequivocal leader with an approximate 1,100 to 1,300 lbs per yd³ compaction rate and superior rear-loading capabilities. Built to take on a lot of work and not a lot of maintenance, the King Cobra rear loader offers many of the standard features of the other New Way® rear loaders. Curbside hydraulic access, side-body automatic tailgate locks, a rear-view camera and two-year cylinder warranty are just a few of the many standard options. The King Cobra can also be customized to meet the needs of your individual operation. Combine all of this with the fact that the King Cobra has the lowest cost of operation of any comparable body size and one of the lowest warranty claims of any garbage truck body in the industry, and you've got a refuse truck that charms the most demanding of routes.
  • Innovation Adds Value, Safety and Ease of Maintenance

    The New Way® Viper Rear Loader is one of the most popular mid-compaction rear loader bodies on the market today. Larger capacity Viper units are excellent for both residential and commercial work. New Way's engineering team has increased safety and added value with a design that moves the cylinders and the operating valve to the outside of the truck body. This creates a straight line between levers and control rods, making maintenance quick and easy. The operator valve placement eliminates the need to reach into the truck body, increasing employee safety. And, the Viper also comes standard with automatic tailgate locks with the control handle located on the side of the chassis; eliminating the time and effort needed to go back and forth to operate the traditional turnbuckle locks. With accessories and adapters to accommodate all varieties of residential cart tippers and commercial containers, a rear-view camera and a two-year cylinder warranty, this venomous rear loader is sure to paralyze the competition.


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