Controllers & Software

Some water municipality suppliers do a great job with software. Some manufacturers do a great job with hardware and equipment. Wachs Utility Products do a great job with both, offering our VITALS software on many of our systems. Our bestselling trailer, skid, and truck-mount valve maintenance systems use a powerful handheld controller equipped with our industry exclusive VITALS.

VITALS is an acronym for Valve Information Tracking And Logging System. It allows the user to operate our equipment remotely while giving you “vital” asset information in the palm of your hand, such as valve location, type, size, turns, direction, and more all in real time, that can be recorded and later transferred back to your desktop. Monitor the valve exercising procedure in detail remotely from the safety and comfort of your truck, keeping your crew out of the elements and traffic where accidents can occur.

This information allows the operator to visualize exactly what’s happening at the valve. Adjustable torque control limits include indicators that signal when preset limits are reached, and trigger auto reverse or auto shut down to prevent valve damage. When Wachs Automation and VITALS are combined, they become a powerful diagnostic tool. Digital torque and turn displays provide clear insight into a valve’s condition, while the electronic torque sensor records the torque chart.

VITALS allows an operator to exercise a valve while recording critical valve information including precise GPS location of the valve’s position, that can be synchronized between the handheld controller and your desktop. Custom valve ID information is recorded such as the number of turns, maximum torque and valve location. It drives our ERV-750 extended reach or TM-7 truck mounted exercisers, all designed to maintain water valve performance and prevent costly repairs or replacements.

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