The BS 10 was developed for vehicle mounted installations of the compact KW 206 and KW 306 cable drums. These drums contain the power supply requirements of the down-hole equipment, and therefore the controller itself can be slimmer, lighter, and hidden from view. This controller includes an interface cable between the drum and the required computer. The desk component of the BS 10 is a keyboard surround with ergonomic joysticks, power on/off, microphone and 6 quick-keys for present controls.

FEATURES BP 1/BP 2/BP 100 BS 10.0 BS 3.5 BS 7.0 BS 5.0
Pushrod Control
Portable w/ Digital Recording
Mounting Portable or Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Lateral Launch Control
Tractor Control
Text Entry (On Screen Display)
Fiber Optic Reel Control
Up to 2000′ Cable Support
High-Definition Capable