BS 5.0

Our most powerful fiber optic control unit is the BS 5.0. The BS 5.0 controller utilizes a unique remote control panel that can be positioned on your workspace and can control any piece of equipment easily and quickly. The BS 5.0 controller is the only control system capable of performing mainline inspection lengths of up to 2000′ (600m). If you need the greatest inspection distance and the brightest lighting, the BS 5.0 is your number one choice!

FEATURES BP 1/BP 2/BP 100 BS 10.0 BS 3.5 BS 7.0 BS 5.0
Pushrod Control
Portable w/ Digital Recording
Mounting Portable or Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Lateral Launch Control
Tractor Control
Text Entry (On Screen Display)
Fiber Optic Reel Control
Up to 2000′ Cable Support
High-Definition Capable


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