The BS 7 – 10 X is the standard fiber optic mainline control unit, supporting High Definition cables and optic camera systems. Diagnostics and system control interface is displayed on a separate 10″ touchscreen, while your camera and tractor movements, focus, iris, cruise control, and lateral launch commands are controlled from the dual, multi-axis joysticks. This control unit also includes full integration of IBAK SoftControl for increased compatibility with 3rd party software suppliers. With a new ergonomic design and an integrated microphone & emergency stop, the BS 7 – 10 X is a great option for PANORAMO® 4K and HD systems.

FEATURES BP 1/BP 2/BP 100 BS 10.0 BS 3.5 – 10X BS 7.0 – 10X BS 5.0
Pushrod Control
Portable w/ Digital Recording
Mounting Portable or Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Lateral Launch Control
Tractor Control
Text Entry (On Screen Display)
Fiber Optic Reel Control
Up to 2000′ Cable Support
High-Definition Capable