CityCat VR50e

The all electric performance package in the compact class

The CityCat VR50e represents a milestone for compact sweepers.

The Bucher CityCat VR50e compact street sweeper sets a new standard for compact sweepers with its unique design and pioneering technology.

Pioneering technology

With the electric drive train and its specially designed Bucher Battery Pack the CityCat VR50e excels in terms of autonomy and zero emission operation.

The compact external measurements and selectable four-wheel steering give the vehicle superb maneuverability and guarantee maximum stability and active safety at all times during daily service runs.

High-capacity in every aspect

The stainless steel hopper which boasts a huge payload capacity and the possibility of carrying a volume of 232 gallons of clean water with you enable exceptionally long sweeping distances and very high fill levels.

An extra 1120-litre water tank can be installed to maximize operating time and the total water capacity to 528 gallons. Thanks to the high suction power, large hopper and enormous water supply, the service package sets new standards when it comes to performance and range.

Convenient operation

The completely redesigned cab with all LED lights, central locking system and glass all around offers the operator maximum comfort and safety while providing a modern workplace. The Bucher CityCat VR50e is operated via the ergonomically designed and one-hand operated Smart-Con operating system. The CSense touch display includes all additional operating tools, getting rid of unnecessary switches in the cab, leaving the driver concentrated on the work ahead.

By activating the EasyClean self-cleaning function, the blower, filter screen, dirty water tank, sidewalls and other difficult to reach pockets of dirt are sprayed by the cleaning nozzles. The machine is perfectly clean within a couple of minutes.

  • 4.5 yd³ hopper capacity
  • 360 gallon baffled, polyethylene water tank
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Large leading arm/digger type gutter brooms
  • Chain driven, 12 flight-squeegee type conveyor
  • Tight 18.6″ turning radius with 136″ wheelbase


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