Wachs DW Guillotine® 208 Diamond Wire pipe saw is a faster and safer method of cutting 2 inch to 8 inch (DN50-200) pipe including steel, ductile, cast iron, concrete (CA), poly, PVC and mixed media.  Secured to the pipe, the DWG 208 utilizes a fully enclosed, high speed diamond infused cutting wire that cuts quickly and precisely. Its compact design features stainless steel construction, with a collapsible, folding arm design that allows it to be easily stored and transported.

Every DWG 208 saw comes complete with a custom carrier for protection, plus a carrier mounted water tank and spray lubricant. These saws do not bind like traditional saws, eliminating the kickback dangers associated with gasoline powered handheld chain saws or abrasive wheel devices that can occur from pipe compression or shifting. The DWG 208 is hydraulically powered using a sealed loop that can run in water, eliminating the danger of gas fumes collecting when working down in the ground.

Apart from the cutting area, the diamond wire is fully enclosed within the saw for safety. The diamond wire is designed to slightly rotate radially while cutting, allowing all the diamond elements to come into contact with the workpiece. Due to the longevity of the diamond cutting wire Wachs DW series saws feature one of the lowest costs per cut in the industry, and a much lower cost of consumables over the life of the machine than other cutting devices.

DWG 208 Features

  • Pivoting safety shield for ease of cleaning and serviceability
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Chain mount system for secure pipe mounting
  • Mounts directly to pipe or beam for clean cuts
  • Cuts 2in-8in (DN50-200) pipe and bar (up to 9.6in diameter)
  • Feed gauge shows wire pressure and cut angle
  • Tool-free operation and maintenance
  • No internal cut support mechanisms to pinch in the cut (chain support, blade tooth support, etc).
  • Detachable, swing-away front cover
  • Connects directly to all Wachs Utility Power units, standard Class II HPU, or Tool circuit of truck/tractor
  • User serviceable maintenance parts (drive and guide wheel assemblies)
  • Designed with safety in mind, everything about this machine is geared toward operator safety, simplicity, reliability, and performance.

Ease of Use

  • Single person operation
  • Operator controls and feedback gauge are top mounted away from cutting action
  • Feed screw controls cutting motion; the saw does all the work reducing operator fatigue
  • Wire travels in housing to protect the operator
  • Does not bind like traditional saws
  • Quick release levers and latches for fast setup and maintenance (no tools required)
  • Arms collapse for compact storage and uses in restricted clearance areas
  • Load-sensing feature increases wire life and cut speed
  • Narrow profile needs less excavation than traditional saws (virtually none required under pipe)
  • Fast (cuts 8in ductile pipe in under 3 mins)
  • Cuts live mains and underwater (fully submerged)
  • 2 settings for wall thickness
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Precision built with long lasting, corrosion resistant materials for years of trouble free operation
  • Designed for easy storage and portability
  • Mounting chain quickly secures the tool to the pipe preventing slippage and movement


Cutting Wire: Quick change continuous loop diamond wire cutting element

Hydraulic drive: HTMA class II 8 GPM @ 2000 psi (30 LPM @ 137.9 bar)

Machine Capacity: Cold cuts all pipe material

Feed Rate: Variable based on workpiece size and density

Installation Method: Standard mounting chain

Controls: Single crank, manual feed with gauge; Motor on-off

Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Standard Equipment

  • (1) Hydraulic Powered Diamond Wire Guillotine
  • (1) High density diamond wire loop assembly
  • (1) Operations manual
  • (1) Spray coolant and washdown system

Optional Equipment

• Powder coated tube steel/stainless wheeled storage/transport carrier
• DWG 208 Carrier 29-4020-08

• Spare/replacement diamond wire loop assembly
• DWG 208 Wire 29-608-00

Pipe Outside Diameter Range (OD) 1.969in-9.605in (50mm-244mm)
Power Hydraulic
Application Pipe Cutting 2″-8″ OD
Part Number 29-000-08
RPM Variable based on workpiece size and density
Operating Dimensions 21.7in W x 13in D x 27.9in H (551mm x 330mm x 709mm)
Operating Weight 51.6lb (23.4kg)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty