Add lateral assessments to your list of services by adding a LISY 4.2 lateral launch attachment to your existing mainline inspection system.  This modular attachment connects seamlessly to your T76 Tractor without the need for a separate system.  The synchronized cable drum also works with your existing IBAK cable reel for simultaneous payout and retrieval.  With a rugged construction and ergonomic design, the LISY 4.2 offers less breakdowns with increased productivity.  Get the most out of your investment with this unique lateral launch solution.

FEATURES LISY 4.2 Lateral Launch
Pressurized Protection Standard
Push Speed Variable Control
Pan Range 180°
Tilt Range 45°
Overall Cable Length 600′ (182m)
Push Rod Length 120′ (36m)
3D GeoSense
Two-Piece Pushrods