MaxPowa V80

The heavy-duty cleaning powerhouse

The heavy-duty pure vacuum cleaning powerhouse that has been continuously improved to meet customer requirements.

With sweepers tailored to operate in many specific environments, Bucher offers a wide choice of products and options, which ensures maximum performance is always achieved. Through years of experience in sweeper design, Bucher has developed a unique system that creates a cyclone effect within the hopper for efficient filtering of debris and dust particles prior to discharge to the atmosphere through mesh filter screens.

This unique design is a standard feature of all V Range sweepers.

Robust Construction

Built for unrivalled durability

Mounted to the subframe, the hydraulically operated sweeping system is designed to prolong brush life and reduce the cost of ownership. Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms which reduce downtime between changeovers. All twin-engine V Range sweepers are powered by a dedicated high performance auxiliary engine. With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, the MaxPowa V80 is robust and built for unrivalled durability.

High Performance

A versatile sweeper with a consistent high pick-up performance.

Equally at home on municipal street cleaning or heavier duty work sites the V Range delivers consistently high pick-up performance – even on contractor duties such as road planing and dirt pick-up around construction sites and access roads.

Maximizing on the job site time requires a balance of having enough water capacity to minimize refills, having enough hopper capacity to cope with large volumes of leaves or debris, having a payload great enough to meet demands of a workday and being able to carry enough fuel to reduce non-productive travel

The MaxPowa V80 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact, and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments, benefits that make the Bucher MaxPowa V80 the sweeper of choice worldwide. JCB auxiliary engines combined with the mechanical step-up gearbox and fluid coupling provide the best efficiency ratios in the industry.

Low Environmental Impact

Low Water Usage

The V Range uses as standard yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, or red nozzle jets with the higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional Water Recirculation system can save up to 238 gallons (900 liters) of water per day extending the on job site time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan.

Stainless Steel Hoppers

Bucher Municipal is the pioneering street sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard hoppers totally constructed – not just lined – of 1.4003 stainless steel – the very best for this application. Our sweepers provide 250-times better corrosion resistance than standard or even 304 stainless steel. We are also the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on our hopper bodies.

  • 4.5 yd³ hopper capacity
  • 360 gallon baffled, polyethylene water tank
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Large leading arm/digger type gutter brooms
  • Chain driven, 12 flight-squeegee type conveyor
  • Tight 18.6″ turning radius with 136″ wheelbase


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