IBAK has developed a new, affordable solution that is ideal for service providers seeking the benefits of having both a compact cutting system, as well as a complete inspection system. Look no further than the IBAK MicroGator® Air, a pneumatic cutter designed with compatibility and convenience in mind. Equipped with a 1.5 horsepower pneumatic motor and manufactured to IBAK’s exacting quality standards, the MicroGator® Air is a practical, yet reliable solution. One feature that makes this cutter unique is its focus on modularity. The MicroGator® Air is compatible with the components to our MainLite Systems including the KW206 and KW306 cable reels, our BP100 and BS10 control units, and even the same cable. With these components, all you need is a hose reel for the air hose and a compressor to have a complete cutting system.

The MicroGator® Air shares many of the same features as the MicroGator® 2.0, such as fourth-axis articulation, which allows the user ultimate control during advanced cutting operations. The IBAK CutterCam is compatible with the MicroGator® Air and provides the best possible view of the cutting area. Even if it gets dirty, our unique air-curtain technology and remote wiper system will keep your camera lens clean with the push of a button.

SPECIFICATIONS MicroGator 2.0 MicroGator Air
Length 49.2″ (1250mm) 49.2″ (1250mm)
Weight 121 lbs (55kg) 121 lbs (55kg)
Cable Length 500′ (150m) Up to 1000′ (300m)
Chassis Power 0.27 hp/200W 0.27 hp/200W
Rotating Elbow 400° 400°
Top Speed 40′ (12m)/minute 40′ (12m)/minute
Cutting Motor Power 4.7 hp/3500W 1.5 hp
Maximum RPM 10,000 RPM 10,000 RPM
Lighting High Power LED High Power LED
Control Unit to Operate BS 7.0 R BS10/BP100