IBAK designed PANORAMO® from the ground up to address the weaknesses of traditional sewer inspection technology. The PANORAMO® method changes your current process into data collection in the field and data analysis back in the office. The technology enables your employees to work to their potential and avoid costly mistakes caused by inattention or stress. At the core of the PANORAMO® system are the wide angle (185º) twin digital cameras. These cameras are installed on the front and rear of the system and capture still images as they move through the pipeline. Extremely powerful Xenon strobes illuminate up to 48” pipelines, and the still pictures captured by the cameras produce high-resolution digital images that do not suffer from motion blur even at the highest inspection speeds. The PANORAMO® system has very few moving parts, allowing for easier maintenance than that of traditional pan & tilt cameras.

Over the past few years, the PANORAMO® product line has been further improved on the basis of its well proven technology. The result is an even much more brilliant picture with 4K resolution. The abbreviation 4K stands for 4000 and means the approximate number of horizontal picture elements (4096 × 2160 pixels). So this means that the resolution is four times greater than full HD. To achieve such brilliance and to allow this high resolution to be displayed on the monitor and stored, the transmission path has been revolutionized. For the first time in the history of IBAK, a Gigabit Ethernet Standard is being used for the transmission of images and other data.

IBAK has very positive experience in the implementation of fiber-optic technology.  With the Gigabit Ethernet Standard, a data transmission rate of up to a billion bits (one gigabit) per second is possible. In the new PANORAMO® generation, as with most other IBAK cameras, there will be the option of integrating a 3D sensor for pipe run measurement.

Application Pipeline Pipeline Manhole
Max Speed 69′ (21m)/minute 69′ (21m)/minute 14″ (350mm)/second
Pressure Protection Standard Standard Standard
Viewer Software Free, distributable Free, distributable Free, distributable
Cameras Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital
Zoom Digital Digital Digital
3D Perspective View Standard Standard Standard
Measurement Standard in Unfolded View Standard in Unfolded View Available (in 3D)
CAD Output .dxf
Lighting High Power LED Xenon Strobe Xenon Strobe