he Wachs Pow-R-Drive 2 (“Power-Drive 2”) or P-2 is a handheld valve turner/valve exerciser engineered for maintaining and operating critical valves. This portable and rugged workhorse is designed for daily use. Water utilities, municipal water services, and fire departments use the P-2 on valves and hydrants with standard operator nuts and non-rising-stem handwheels (with an optional adapter).

Why Pow-R-Drive 2?

  • Easy to set up and operate, using a Pow-R-Drive is more productive than turning valves by hand with t-handles.
  • The P-2 can prevent common injuries caused by hand-turning valves with a valve key wrench.
  • The Pow-R-Drive 2 works hard, so the valve crew won’t be worn out from opening and closing valves all day.
  • It provides enough torque for stubborn valves, and your operator will be less likely to shear off a valve nut.
  • They’re ideal for hard-to-reach valves.
  • Using a Pow-R-Drive 2 can save money and prevent damage in fast shut-off situations.


  • The P-2 is compact and rugged, fitting in a truck box or behind the seat.
  • Intuitive fingertip controls
  • The built-in turn counter helps keep track of the valve position and direction.
  • Standard with a 1-inch square drive adapter fits valve keys for various operating nut styles. (e.g., AWWA 2-inch operating nut)
  • 500 to 800 ft/lbs of torque, depending on the model
  • Available with air, hydraulic, or electric drive
  • Add a handle extension for more torque or 2-person operation for stubborn valves.

Pick your model

Wachs P-2 is offered in high torque (HT) or high speed (HS) versions.

VITALS (Valve Information Tracking And Logging System) is the industry-standard software for turning valves. Select Power Drive 2 models with built-in VITALS software log valve data and provide added push-button torque control.

Need to turn valve handwheels?

Add a Universal Handwheel Adapter to allow the P-2 to operate non-rising-stem handwheels.


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