This package contains all the inspection equipment you need to conduct video inspections in 6” (125mm) pipe to over 48” (1200mm) pipe. You will be able to conduct inspections with more speed and accuracy with this powerful synchronized KW 305 cable reel, 1000’ (300m) capability, larger and more powerful T76 tractor, and ORPHEUS 2.0 camera, and operating it all with the BS3.5 Control Center. The built-in cable winch lowers the tractor into the manhole, reducing stress on personnel and helps prevent damage and injury.

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SPECIFICATIONS Premium Mainline Elite Mainline
Camera ORPHEUS 2.0 ORPHEUS 2.0
Tractor T76 w/Lift T76
Cable Reel KW 305 (Synchronized) KW 305 (Synchronized)
Cable 1000′ (300m) 1000′ (300m)
Accessories Large Pneumatic Tires