The VJT1500 is an enclosed jetter truck designed and built by the sewer cleaning experts you trust at Vac-Con.

This unit offers simple operation and the most accessibility on the market with 6-ft. wide door openings on three sides. Operator ergonomics are at the forefront of this machine with a height adjustable control panel to suit all operators. The hose reel on the VJT1500 can be used outside of the enclosure even with the doors closed to keep your water system protected during extreme weather.

Cold or hot, rain or shine, the VJT1500 is an operator’s go-to for pipeline cleaning and jetting.

  • 1,500-gallon water capacity – black polypropylene material that is UVstabilized, baffled, and repairable
  • Hose reel rotates 190-degrees (95-degrees to curb and 95-degrees to driver’s
  • Eco-friendly operating system
  • Operator station at hose reel and another at midship
  • Control panel is adjustable for height, improving ease of use and operator
  • Winter recirculation at idle or highway speeds
  • Gas engine options available
  • Wireless remote
  • Anti-freeze tank system for cold weather use
  • Multiple lighting options available
  • Additional optional features available upon request