VJT750 Jetter Truck

The VJT750 is a jetter system mounted onto a portable truck chassis, designed and built by the sewer cleaning experts you trust at Vac-Con.

This unit features a simple design and operation so operators of all skill levels can master the art of jetting. A low-profile configuration offers greater safety and the structural steel frame provides one of the strongest trailers on the market.

The VJT750 can be relied upon to get to the job quickly and provide the performance and power expected from Vac-Con machines.

  • Mountable on an F650 or larger truck chassis
  • 750-gallon water capacity
  • Tier 4 diesel engine
  • Heavy-duty 2”x4” tubular steel frame
  • Rotating hose reel with 800-ft. capacity (500-ft. included as standard; ½” or
  • Hydraulically driven hose reel
  • Reel-mounted, weather-proof electronic control panel
  • Cold weather recirculation and air purge system
  • Triplex plunger water pump
  • Variable flow water control valve
  • Multiple water pump pressure and flow configurations available
  • Gas engine options available
  • Wireless remote
  • Anti-freeze tank system for cold weather use
  • Multiple lighting options available
  • Additional optional features available upon request


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