Get to know the Bucher XPowa

With a high capacity vacuum sweeper and a high pressure washer the sweepers from Bucher’s specialist range can adapt to your exact needs and application. The brush gear and spraybars make sure you get the job done flawlessly. 

  • Up to 14 m³ hopper
  • Up to on 4 axle chassis
  • Fan with an air flow up to 520 m³/min
  • High pressure wash systems 150 – 400 bar
  • Spraybars on all brush systems
  • Wide suction and rotor cleaner options
  • Up to 300 mm suction hose

Exceptional performance with minimum noise and fuel consumption

Choose between a twin engine with either a standard or a high capacity fan where power transmission is done via a belt drive system and fluid flywheel. For ultimate speed control and powering the entire sweeper and washer functions choose instead having a single engine (from the chassis) with hydrostatic transmission and high capacity fan.

Superior results with less water

As an alternative to full width rear suction and spray bars, Bucher offers a rear mounted rotor cleaning system. It operates at 60 to 80 litres per minute compared to the traditional 100 litres per minute. This reduces the costs of fuel, waste disposal, refilling and allows for better utilisation (more on-station time). This system is equally valuable when used in road maintenance, construction, industrial site cleaning, and aircraft parking stand cleaning.

The system is rear mounted, it uses 4 rotating spray bars covering the full width of the truck and full width suction. It is completely enclosed ensuring no water seepage and a high vacuum that collects all water and waste. It can be used with a range of high pressure pumps from 100 to 400 bar.

Efficient oil/ degreasing removal

Detergent system options for grease and oil spill removal combined with a high pressure system. Front mounted detergent spray bar for stand-alone dispersal. Variable dosing system to control the dilution of the detergent by mixing with water. There are two different detergent systems available: mixer or mixed.

In cab control systems

The sweeping controls are located in the cab. You have the opportunity to choose between a standard orintegrated control system, which gives you a more flexible control system, to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Flexible hopper and chassis sizes for a custom set up

2 axle 9 m³ hopper, 3 axle 12 or 14 m³ hopper, 4 axle 14 m³ liter hopper